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Flat roof windows - Flat

Eye-catching flat glass solution

While the classic VELUX flat roof window comes with a dome, the flat roof plane glass model introduces a beautifully integrated 4 mm hardened glass pane. 

Inside, the newcomer matches all specifications of a classic VELUX flat roof window. Outside, the plane glass stands out as a stylish and minimalistic design feature with underlying black bordering and discrete profiling.


With a fixed (non opening) flat roof window, you can transform and improve any space. VELUX flat roof windows CFP add the daylight you are looking for to rooms with very little natural light.


The double glazed unit has a laminated inner pane for additional safety. Externally the plane glass design with underlying black bordering makes the window stand out as a very stylish feature compared to older flat roof domes.

Available in eight sizes.

VELUX Fixed flat roof window

VELUX Vented Flat Roof Window

VELUX vented flat roof window combines daylight with fresh air. It lets you ventilate when needed and is perfect for offices, clinics, workshops and other environments where daylight and fresh air are required. The flat glass rooflight is ideal for new installations or as replacement for existing domes. 

VELUX vented flat roof window is available with electrical operation.

The double-glazed units has a laminated inner pane for additional safety.

Available in eight sizes.

Benefits of a Flat Roof Window

Low maintenance

The VELUX flat glass rooflight is made of quality materials. The sash is covered by a lacquered aluminium cladding for extra durability and low maintenance requirements.

Great energy-efficiency

VELUX high-performance insulation is integrated into the frame to give the best possible protection against heat loss. This, combined with our optimised protection against thermal bridges, delivers a warmer, more comfortable home.

Easy to install

A professional installer can install VELUX flat roof windows quickly and easily. You can find a list of installers or locate a dealer in your local area by clicking Find Installers or Find dealers.

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