Concrete Products

We stock many Concrete Products such as Lintels, Steps, Posts, Base Panels, Sills and Kerbs. We can also arrange Readymix Concrete to be delivered directly to your work site.

Concrete Posts

With so many advantages over traditional timber, Slotted Concrete Posts have become the most popular choice for panel fencing. They are made from high strength concrete, reinforced for ultimate durability and long life. Easy to install, cost-effective, and completely unaffected by moisture and rot, they will give years of extra life to any panel fencing installation. Available in a range of different sizes and styles including End, Intermediate, and corner.

concrete post
Concrete post

Concrete Base Panels

concrete lintel
concrete kerb

Concrete Base Panels prevent rot at the bottom of the wooden panel, adding considerably to the life of the fence. Available in 2 styles either Smooth or Brick Face.

Concrete base panel
Concrete base panel

Concrete Lintels & Padstones

With a wide range of sizes available, Concrete lintels are an excellent solution in providing economical and robust masonry support over door and window openings.

The Padstones are engineered to perform and compliment our Lintels. They are made form high strength dense concrete and are ready to use, saving time on site. 


We stock a wide range of British Standard Kerbs in an array of shapes and sizes including; Hall Battered, Bull Nose, Quadrants, Flat Top Machine Cut Edges and more. 

Concrete padstone