Building Membranes

Builders Supplies (West Coast) Ltd have a wide range of damp proofing products to help prevent the effects of mould and rising damp. We stock Damp Proof Coursing and Building Films to anti mould solutions, damp seals, tanking membrane and damp proofing slurry. If you require any more information on these products please don't hesitate to contact us.

Damp Proof Course

Hyload Original DPC

Trusted for over 50 years, Hyload Original is the UK’s leading High Performance DPC. Suitable for damp proofing and cavity trays in all solid/cavity wall applications (brick, block, stonework and concrete), it is resistant to compression even under the heaviest of wall loading and won’t extrude under load.

Poly DPC

Our Poly Damp Proof Course is manufactured for both domestic and industrial use within stone, brick and concrete walls for the prevention of rising damp within structures. 

Hyload Insulated DPC

Hyload Insulated DPC has been developed to minimise cold bridging when closing masonry cavity walls around openings. Designed to be installed as work proceeds, it is easy to handle and resilient enough to accommodate irregularities in cavity closers.

Gas Membranes & Barriers

A Polythene sheet membrane for use in solid concrete ground floors to protect buildings against dangerous gas and water from the ground by providing an effective barrier against Radon, CO2, Low level methane and moisture, for the lifetime of the concrete slab in which they are installed.